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Hera’s Signature Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Program for Organizations will change the system and strengthen multiple domains of an organization.

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These domains are enhanced by the following key components of Hera’s Program.

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Hera can take an organization on a journey represented by the roadmap below to implement the key components. This will create lasting cultural transformation towards the diversity, inclusion, and belonging of women and caregivers in aviation today.

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Our Findings


So, how do we change the system? Diverse input creates diverse problem solving, helping to advance your culture, people, strategy, and operations...

Hera has four domains for why we are passionate about helping caregivers: People, Strategy, Culture, and Operations.



  • Adds unique perspectives for problem solving and advancing the organization

  • Provides access to untapped skills and talents that desire longevity

  • Creates an optimal worker and customer experience

  • Lends strengths in agile and situational leadership


  • Leading by being the change

  • More equitable company

  • Mirror our customer base



  • Increased retention

  • More agile workforce, no single point of failure

  • Increased operating margin with reduced turnover and time to fill

  • Achieving high-reliability organization with closed-loop communication


  • Able to market more broadly with greater talent acquisition

  • Supporting the future frangible, selective, virtual, and elastic workplace/workforce

  • Lead disruption and innovation for the industry

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