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Hera Aviation Group is a nonprofit organization working to raise awareness on the current constraints for women and primary caregivers in aviation and advocate for change within the industry. 


As it stands today, professional female aviators make up only five percent of the industry. 


With the support of our volunteers, we want to cultivate career opportunities that empower women aviators and support business leaders to pilot a cultural transformation in aviation. 


Jessica Webster is a corporate pilot, adjunct faculty, and mother with nearly two decades of professional flying experience. 

She launched Hera Aviation Group in January 2019 as a way to support women navigating the aviation industry by cultivating a support network within the community.

If you'd like to get in touch, email her at

Jessica's Story


As a professional pilot and mother of two young children, I found out very quickly after I had children that I had a big problem; how do I continue my responsibility as a mother, and primary caregiver, while maintaining my commitment to the industry that requires my ultimate flexibility?


I had already spent fifteen years as a professional pilot. A passion that cultivated from a dream; a little girl on an island staring up at the sky. And all of it was now threatened by the choice of Family. I was conflicted. As I explored my reality, I became acutely aware of the lack of retention of amazingly accomplished pilots (mostly women) in our global community due to rigid industry practices causing care giving constraints.

The more caregivers I spoke to, the more I heard the same issues over and over again: Partners' full-time work limits pilot and caregivers’ flexibility with employment. Daycare hours of seven a.m. to six p.m. are not substantive for a pilot's schedule, and finding a sitter willing to work late or early hours inconsistently was impossible. 

Ultimately, I found a family-owned company to contract for; after a long journey of trying to find my place. But this is rare. This is why I created the Hera Aviation Group. We can do better! We can create a broader initiative for retention and alternate employment by setting an intention for growth, not just economically but also socially and globally. We can challenge the way we see “utility” in our employees and offer equity initiatives to businesses who are dedicated to cultural transformation within.

We can change the lives of our uncounted cohorts and their families within our communities. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to create a space for those uncounted.


Jessica Webster

Founder & President

Hera Aviation Group




To empower women, underrepresented cohorts, and primary caregivers to cultivate growth and opportunities in aviation careers while supporting business leaders in a cultural transformation.

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