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The Future of Work

At Hera, we work in three spheres to reach as many caregivers as possible: Individuals, Organizations, and the Industry. Individuals are considered for mentorships and scholarships; organizations are led through a roadmap of culture change and provided tailored guidance based on their goals; and we reach out to the industry through dialogue and conversations via conferences, media outreach, and other bi-directional formats.

In Part 1 of "Consider the Caregiver Aviator," I discussed the implementation of Crew Resource Management, how it changed the way we thought about aviation, increased the industry's safety, and detailed how caregivers bring unique perspectives and skills that offer equivocal value. In part 2 of this 3-part blog, we look at how the genesis of a new workforce, in an industry that’s primarily faceted in “because it’s how we’ve always done it” has espoused the future of work successfully- resulting in increased best practices, disruptive processes, and innovation.

Workforce models are changing more than ever today. Do you know that the healthcare industry adopted Crew Resource Management's tenets to solve the many challenges it was facing? As a result, the healthcare industry has become a much safer and efficient space for all access. The timeworn axiom of doctors only practicing in their respective offices for what seems like interminable hours per week is presently defunct. Moreover, we now have virtual on-demand labor pools of physicians that pick when they can work, for how long, and with whom! How can we think of caregivers and flexible engagement in that same way? How can we do that in aviation to support our teams and operators?

The current environment is accelerating corporations' urgency to learn how to best support remote and flexible employees, including all those in the aviation industry. Our research illustrates that flexibility has a critical impact on workplace satisfaction and member retention. The Hera Program and our models are uniquely positioned to help companies create work experiences that will improve employee engagement, loyalty, and retention over the near and long-term.

We are not going to have all the answers. That’s where the bidirectional piece comes in. We will find like-minded leaders willing to try, ready to be the change, willing to experiment, and provide learning for the rest of the industry.

Hera Aviation Group will be there to advise, support, and empower them to do so.

What are some other industries where you have noticed a shift in workforce policies to be more accommodating for employees?


Jessica Webster

Founder & President

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