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  • Mattie Bohanan

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Auburn University just got done with their Auburn Business Aviation Days, where industry professionals come to our campus to expose business aviation to students. One of the events was a breakfast hosted by Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA). Here, one of the central messages was to take advantage of every opportunity within your reach. This message resonated with me, so I wanted to dedicate today’s blogs to encourage everyone to do so.

This picture is from my college graduation with my parents and brother. I was teasing them about how I would never have to sit in a classroom again. Little did I know what was ahead of me..

When I graduated from Auburn with a degree in professional flight, I thought that I was done with school. I also thought that my opportunity to get involved with any new organizations was over since I wouldn’t be a student anymore. I was wrong, though. A little less than a year later, I am now going back to school for a master’s in adult education and started working with Jess to help support HERA’s mission.

I owe a lot of credit to a few individuals that helped me seek out these opportunities. So, if there is anything I've learned from my experience is this:

Build genuine relationships with people and don't be afraid to take advantage of opportunities that may not necessarily be in your "plan."

(I guess that was two things, but you get the point.)

If someone is on the same path you are on, either right beside you or ahead of you, or even on a different path, get to know them! There is something you can learn from everyone. Starting out as a young professional, I know how intimidating it can be to approach individuals who have successful careers. But, doing so can be the first step in a journey that changes your life for the better.

It is so beneficial to be interested before you can be interesting.

I’ve found that the aviation industry is always willing to lend a helping hand, and my experience with HERA has proven this to be true. Jess has been an incredible asset, always empowering me to be my truest self. And I am not alone in having HERA’s support, either. HERA is here for you, too. We would love to know how we can best serve you.

Mattie is a CFI/CFII and a Graduate Research Assistant at Auburn University, where she is pursuing an M.Ed. in Adult Education. She enjoys drinking her morning coffee, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

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