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My journey as a woman and mother in aviation

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hello friends!

I'm encouraging myself to be brave and courageous (thank you, Brené), in writing to you. My thoughts are scattered. While my young children are constructing disarray in the background (I just got hit with a Wubbanub. Some moms will follow me on this, I know), and amidst the chaos of Day One of remote learning, I’m reminded of our journey at Hera Aviation Group:

Hera was built on passion; A passion for flight, for voices unheard. A passion for equity and diversity and a love of travel and experience - Global Citizenship.

All I ever remember wanting to do when I grew up was to fly airplanes. I used to watch them soar over my tiny little town on the ocean north of Boston. The engine noise would make me stop dead in my tracks and search the sky for that gratifying reflection! I still do that, and my Ducklings have followed. We are easy to spot: That family gawking and "eeking" at the little Cessna 172 flying over our house in the woods, frantically waving hello. One day we’ll get one of those airplanes to tip its wings!

That passion, also birthed from facing the heartache of being othered, has shaped the beautiful mission of our grassroots non-profit. Expressed as core values, but otherwise known as my daily mantra: (Besides the mantra of “Just make it to Starbucks.”)

Empower. Cultivate. Transform.

This tenet is not new, friends! It's what you all live and breathe every day.

As women aviators, we empower one another to shine bright! To keep putting one foot in front of the other. At least once a week, when I feel unsettled in this journey, I close my eyes and whisper to myself, “Where are your feet?”- The answer is always: “Right here, where I am supposed to be, in this moment.”

At Hera Aviation Group, we cultivate relationships. We raise our voices. We speak up and speak out, also learning the strength of a sentence spoken in quiet conviction.

We transform culture through consistently being open to change. We offer up our lived experiences and pragmatic data-driven solutions to drive growth. We show up through simple acts, even though it's hard, and share our journeys and our truth.

We are stronger when we are connected. If you’d like to be featured on our blog or collaborate with us, please reach out!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story.


Jessica Webster

Founder & President

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