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Hera's goals for the new year

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Happy New Year, Friends! As we start our journey together into the new year, Hera has seen so much growth in awareness and action within our respective cohorts. We have many new seekers in our Hera Network! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support and commitment to making this industry a model for all others to follow.

Hera Aviation Group is a coaching and development-based consultancy group and non-profit organization. We work within three spheres, individuals, organizations, and industry, to transform culture by cultivating connections that disrupt today's workplace's status quo. We empower women, minorities, and primary caregivers to grow their careers in aviation.

We have a unique model never fulfilled before. The Hera Program is creating value that can’t be achieved any other way and bringing a perspective no one else has given; Creating a new way of engaging and a new distinction to diversity.

Our organization goals for 2021 are robust! I’m excited to share some of them with you:

  • High-level cultural assessments with corporate aviation departments to help enact a more inclusive culture in their departments.

  • Build new retention policies and recruitment practices for mothers and primary caregivers.

  • Secure commitments of Fortune 500 organizations to utilize and integrate caregiver aviators in their aviation departments for 2021 initiatives.

  • Research partners with universities to address the paucity of data with mothers and caregiver aviators in aviation; to explore the retention issue of caregiver aviators.

  • Coach organizations with aviation departments through the implementation of three flexible workforce models for mothers and caregiver aviators: Flexible (part-time) engagement, Contract commitments, and a shared crewmember selection.

  • Empower individuals to grow their careers through our Hera Mentorship program.

Jessica Webster, Founder & President (holding her daughter) with caregiver aviators in Hera's network

I have an ask: Whenever someone gives you an over-generalized statement of negativity, I want you to look them dead in the eye and ask, “How do you know?” And ‘Because it’s always been that way’ can’t be an answer! Let’s ask tough questions. Listen to ever harder truths. And be willing to stand up and support early adopters to cultural transformation.

What I know to be true: I know that people are thinking differently about thinking differently. Our lives have all changed dramatically in the last year. Our industry, our businesses, and ourselves have experienced the demarcation of transformation in twelve months, like a phoenix. It’s formed an imperative to rise from the ashes and soar again.

This journey is not singularly an altruistic movement. Cultural transformation is a business imperative, and inclusivity makes excellent sense from a business perspective. It brings competitor advantages or can stave off vulnerability. Inclusivity creates incredible talent going unused; and control over our mindshare.

We have an obligation to build something entirely new, push past the noise, and value the lived experiences that construct the real value in work. Hera will inspire, affirm, and inform women, minorities, and caregivers to leverage our power in a way that transforms our lives.

More Just. More Equitable. More Sustainable.

March with us.


Jessica Webster

Founder & President

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