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Better Together

Here at Hera Aviation Group, we believe that when individuals come together, we are better together. Therefore, we want to dedicate today's blog to a few other organizations that strive to make a difference in the aviation industry by advancing all individuals, especially those whose cohorts are underrepresented. Please note that there are many more great organizations out there. We are just sharing a few that are great to dip your toes into if you want to get more involved in the industry.

As we all most likely have come to figure out, flight training and other careers in aviation can be expensive. While the return of investment is undoubtedly high, this cost-prohibitive investment is part of the reason that aviation can be a harsh industry to break into. Also, this is a significant reason why we see the demographics that we do.

The good news is that there are lots of scholarships out there! Many scholarships get overlooked and don't have any applicants. These organizations all offer scholarships for multiple facets within the aviation industry and not just flight training; they provide scholarships for dispatchers, flight attendants, technicians, etc. - you name it.

You must become a member of these organizations to apply to their scholarships, but there are many other perks to a membership that will also be discussed. And if you are a student, all these organizations have a discounted student membership.

Now, without further ado:


Women in Aviation International: This co-ed organization has 100 scholarships being offered currently. The deadline to apply for current scholarship offerings is October 12, 2021, and you must be a member by October 1, 2021. Not only does this organization offer scholarships, but they have a mentoring program, have local chapters to become involved with, and provide educational and career resources. There is also an annual Women in Aviation Conference, which we highly recommend attending if you ever get the opportunity.

National Business Aviation Association: NBAA currently has three scholarship applications closing soon: September 24, 2021, and November 5, 2021. NBAA posts job openings, publishes informational articles on safety and current events, and has a membership directory to help individuals find companies that are also members of NBAA. They also offer a robust mentoring program. NBAA hosts an annual convention, NBAA-BACE, for the business aviation industry every year.

Women in Corporate Aviation: WCA typically offers scholarships every fall and spring. This fall, the scholarship window closes on September 10, 2021. WCA is an international organization that focuses on mentoring and professional development. They also attend and exhibit/host events at the Women in Aviation Conference, NBAA-BACE, and the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE).

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals: OBAP has offered $5.8 million in scholarships. Currently, OBAP has a scholarship for members who are pursuing an aircraft mechanic license. This scholarship closes on September 25, 2021. OBAP aims to advance minorities within the industry through professional development tailored for your specific career path and leadership opportunities. Additionally, they have OBAP events on local and national levels, allowing you to meet other like-minded individuals.


There are many other organizations out there that we encourage you to explore. If you have an organization you would recommend to someone looking to get more involved in the aviation industry, let us know in the comments!

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