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What change do you want to see?

I was sitting with my Little this morning in remote learning, and I asked him the question I ask both my mini-humans every day: “What would you like to create today?” His answer got my attention: "What do you need, Momma?" Now, this was a moment of connection. What do I need? Gosh, Everything? Nothing? I had to think about it, and it took a minute. Definitely Starbucks. Yes!

November tends to be a month of reflection for me. It’s a time where I try to be more mindful and grateful for where my feet are. However, that question shared space with me all day today. And it got me thinking of our Hera network. You are all so different, with shared experiences, distinctive goals, diverse family structures, transformed needs.

I decided to ask you all this week: What do you need?

As we move into the home stretch of 2020, Hera Aviation Group is actively creating the cultural change we want to see. We have lots of initiatives and ideas: With individuals, we provide mentoring and support. With businesses, we offer guidance and programming to transition cultural foundations from platform awareness to engagement. Within the industry, we work with various organizations and industry leaders, using our collective voices to create awareness and conversation.

But I think to be the most effective; we need to hear from you!

As caregivers, minorities, women, and underrepresented cohorts, how do you need the aviation industry to support you? What would help you to be successful in your career retention and development? What type of Hera program would benefit you the most?

I will endeavor to do my best to make sure your voice matters. Please don't hesitate to get in touch directly. Say hi on social or email me at!


Jessica Webster

Founder & President

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