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The top three benefits of mentorship in aviation

Happy Friday, friends!

I have had a lot of brave conversations this week as a result of Hera’s origin story. Our Hera network has been very vocal with their support, and I received encouragement in droves. So, I want to start by saying thank you! Thank you to all who have reached out in support, thank you to all who have asked me tough questions this week, thank you for showing up.

It’s so important to find that support as a woman in aviation, and a great way to do so is through mentorship. I have researched the formal studies completed on mentorship, the discussions around it, and its results.

What I found out was what I already knew from my own lived experience: Mentors are critical to women's success in our industry, and there is a lack of them when we become caregivers.

There are many benefits to having a mentor in aviation, but the most important are:

  1. Increased retention and recruitment

  2. Improved sense of confidence and well-being

  3. More promotions!

This reality is something you all know to be true. However, the importance of mentorship is critical when a life shift happens: namely, primary caregiving. Whether it is with a family member who needs our care or our newly formed mini-humans, that charge changes the scope of our responsibilities and focus. But it is often a time in our lives when we become penalized professionally by it and isolated from our traditional relationships with our professions. I want to change that. It is not adequate for the growth of our industry. Caregivers deserve to be valued and supported through that work. We deserve to be celebrated for that added life experience!

For example, as I type this blog, my mini-humans are trying to fly a kite in my home, unsuccessfully. I am ignoring it. My hand is itchy from the sticker attached to it; of Joy from the movie “Inside Out” – My three-year-old loves blue-haired Joy. Nevertheless, that is ok! There is nothing "unprofessional" about my truth. It is normal!

Moreover, we must recognize that added challenge and help others navigate it. That is dedicated mentorship. Furthermore, that aspect of my life makes me a way better pilot too!

I also want to applaud the industry leaders and innovators that have reached out to me. They are also Seekers who want to know how they can create change for our caregivers. That is incredibly brave. I am grateful for those conversations.

Hera’s passion is with connection. Mentorship. Specifically, informal- meaning there is no precise end date or compulsory process. Statistically, this type of mentorship includes “more promotions, higher wages, greater job satisfaction, and an increased sense of confidence and well-being by the protégé́. More importantly, mentoring has been shown to increase recruitment and retention among underrepresented populations in traditionally male dominated industries.” (The Role of Mentoring in the Careers of Female Airline Transport Pilots, Paul E. Cline, P.1)

At Hera Aviation Group, we focus on providing an innate value for our network that is not found elsewhere. We match mentees with mentors that experienced the life work that our mentee would like support through. It is a unique sacred process. Then, Hera empowers them to develop their mutual connections organically.

That is the beauty of mentoring- It is simple. It is free. It works.

We’d love to get you involved with our mentoring program! Please email us at

Jessica Webster

Founder & President

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